As we enter, the deathly silence consumes the air

Scared to breathe for fear of waking the souls laid at peace

Trembling limbs, lips and heart as we tread with care

We do not hear it on its approach with bared fangs of a beast

The rumbling starts beneath our feet a deadly earthquake

The first we hear is the breath on our necks, deep

It sends shivers down our spines reverberating making us shake

We know what it wants, what it needs the ache for our eternal sleep

Too scared to turn and face our fear we are frozen in the midnight air

I want to run and hide to leave this place and never return

My muscles are prepped I’m ready to go when I feel a gentle hand of care

The cold air rushing in and out of my lungs begins to burn

Instinct tells me to go and not look back but the hand is still there

It reminds me I’m not alone that some things matter more

Than the grotesque beast snarling into our hair

Her hand burns love deep through my heart into my core

And I do what makes my heart want to cry

I release her hand and it seems to fall for a million years

And I turn, looking the beast square in the eye

I stand up straight and tall and face my fears

I push her away and sacrifice my life for her

The beast ravages and rips me limb from limb

Satisfied it lays back soaked in my blood with a purr

I lie back, my life almost spent the midnight light begins to dim

And as I close my eyes for the last

A hand grasps mine, a hand from my past

And I smile at the one

For I am done.

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