Red red roses and violets of blue
Can’t compare to the beauty of you
You light up my life in little ways
I will love you until the end of my days
Your smile makes my heart pound
Bird song can’t compare to your laugh’s sound
When you hold my hand I feel whole
You are the piece missing from my soul
Promise me we will be forevermore
I can’t live without you, of that I’m sure
When I met you I was broken inside
Now I am full up on love and pride
Holding your hand makes me feel complete
You make me tingle from my head to my feet
I know your thoughts like my own
When you hurt it cuts me to the bone
I hate it most when I see you cry
If ever I lose you I’ll feel as if I could die
You are my world, my heart, my soul
As long as you’re here my life is whole.

apologies I know it’s sickeningly sweet and over dramatic it was written as an assignment Happy Valentines Day x

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