One month ago…

One month ago today I posted the first chapter of my Batman fanfiction story ‘Curiosity Killed the Cat’ to my fanfiction site 

One month ago I had had a grand total of 5,000 visitors and around 19,000 views.  My stories had only been uploaded for 6 days…I was bowled over I couldn’t believe so many people had read and liked my writing! I was so happy, I was like a kid at Christmas, my phone bill went up dramatically because I was constantly online to check how many people had seen it!

One month later (one very short month later) and my view count stands at a grand total of 105,101 (30,231 for January & 74,870 for February so far) and my visitor count stands at a whopping 26,944 (8,098 for January and 18,846 for February so far)

Overwhelmed is an understatement I truly cannot believe just how many people are reading, I am currently averaging 3k+ views a day and 800 visitors daily.  I am so so humbled that people enjoy my work and I adore getting feedback and criticism from readers.

I cannot thank everyone enough for their support and I hope that it continues in my later endeavors but if not know I am truly grateful for what I have received xx

ps. It’s even better getting to have a laugh with my readers, follow me on twitter and lets have a chat!

Feel free to give me requests and suggestions too, I aim to please!

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