The Statue

Together they stand
Always and forever
Hand in hand.

Nothing could part them
Their love is invincible
Every day renewed again.

Always watching the world go by
They exist in their own bubble
A bubble in which love could never die

Their lives complete forever
An eternity of love
Vows they promised together.

They do not need rings
As a sign of affection
No tokens, no material things.

The sun sets on another day
The people around them fade
Leave them and walk away

He looks, he loves, he will not go
She stares back, adoring
She is silent but he does know

Tomorrow she will still be there
With those eyes, her smile
Her hand and her pale hair.

He will return as ever
And sit with her
Day after day forever

You can find him there
Sat on her base
Smiling without a care
In another world, another place
His love will always stand
As he sits hand, in cold stone hand.

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