Mothers Day

The gift of life is the most precious gift of all
To nurture and raise another being
Provide a shoulder when we cry, pick us up when we fall
Be ever knowledgable and all seeing
Teach us how to live right from wrong
Give us love everlasting and brains
To live a life full and long
Stand by us even when we’re a pain
Save us from ourselves and others
Ready to chastise and to care
This is the job of all mothers
For all children everywhere.
I, for one, know all too well
Where I would be without mine-
Rapidly falling to a personal hell
With no guiding light there to shine
But no matter what I’ve done
She’s stuck by me somehow
I am one of the lucky ones
To have her support even now
So thank you Mom for your devotion
Being my rock despite it all
A rock doesn’t mean having no emotion
You’re allowed to cry, feel and fall
Life does its cycle and as your child
Now I can be, I’m here for you
You can rant, scream and go wild
I can be your shoulder, I’ll do as you do.


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