Fanfiction Reviews – have you read them yet?

I thought I’d share some of the reviews that have been left for my fanfiction stories – my two Rizzoli & Isles fanfiction stories have proved to be incredibly popular so I’m sharing some of the best (and funniest) reviews I have had!

I’m not perfect and I have had some criticism and negative feedback but on the whole it has been astoundingly positive!

These are the best reviews for ‘Taste’ my very first fanfiction story which was supposed to be around 9 chapters long…it is currently at chapter 60 and still going! (Click here to read ‘Taste’) The reviews have been lifted straight from the site so have not been written by me so excuse the grammar/spelling errors!

It is an M for Mature rated story hence some of the more explicit reviews!

“BAM! My Ovaries LOL Damn This is F*****g Great! Can’t wait for the next one XD”

“I’m loving this whole story. :)”

“Seriously! Shower now!

Intrigued of that thing from the Bathroom! Lol!
Please. Please. update soon! Off for COLD Shower! WOW!”

“This was great ‘re a great writer. I can’t wait to read more of your stories.”

“I have just melted into a puddle cause of how Hot and FREAKN’ SEXY this s**t is XD”

“That was beautiful. Just perfect. Thank you.”

“The way you write is so vivid! Love, love, love it! More please!”

“I just died from Sexiness over-load”

“Beautiful chapter”

“From the first chapter I was captured and I couldn’t stop reading. You did an amazing job with this piece. I felt like I was really riding the roller coaster of emotions both ladies felt as each chapter progressed. Loved the ending :)”

“Haha. You’re horrible.

But no, actually you’re amazing. It’s always nice to find an author who not only writes well but also interacts with his/her readers.

Totally appreciative of that, btw.”

“looove your story! please dont stop writing youre really good this chapter was super HOT!”

“Awwweeeessssooommmeee! MORE! like …NOW! :)”

“You write sexy times with the skills of the best of them. This story has turned out to be quite a delightful surprise. Void of angst and drama, this is now my current feel good story to read at the end of a rough day. Love the love and affection both physical and emotional you express so well between these two. Looking forward to the next update!”

“I really don’t care what kind of stuff you write I just know I want mo please”

“At the edge of my seat lol Can’t wait for the next chapter ;)”

“Thank you I’ve been going crazy with the waiting and the not knowing but you made it worth it.”

“I love this story-have spent the afternoon reading it-you rock-just the right mix of everything-Love the way these two are together-can’t wait for your next chapter.”

“Can’t believe this is your first fanfic-it is great and lots better than some I have read lately-love this story.”

“Just making a quick pause to review: glad i discovered your story and i say this is hilariously funny and sexy!”

“Gaaaaakkkk! I am dizzy in a very good way with all the flirting! I love it, they should do somethi g more likethis in the show! You have a great mastery of ghe pen, or should say, the keyboard? Thank you so much for this.”

“You are so amazing and quite an exceptional writer. Loving this so much!”

“Love the update. Great banter and i almost spit my own drink out.”

“Marvelous chapter! Simply riveting! One of the best stories ive read so far! […]”

“This Is An Excellent Story I’m Already Half Way Through In A Couple Of Hours Can’t Stop Reading!”

“The Way You Write Is Incredible!”

“AWEEEEEEE! this is one of the ebst rizzles stories i have read fo r gaes awwwww soo cute”

“HO. LY. HELL. You are an evil genius!”

“What you just heard was the sound of my jaw dropping to the floor.

I mean, O.M.G. I’m pretty sure that imagery has been seared into my brain for all time.”

“Damn…wow…*fans self for a moment before fainting*”

“Okay. First, Let Me Tell You How In Love With You, I Am. Lol. It’s Take Me 2 Hours To Read This Entire Story And I’m F*****g OBSESSED! So Amazingly Done And I Love Your Style Of Writing. I Love That It Takes You Chapters To Tell One Piece Of The Story, One Moment. That Being Said, UPDATE SOOOOOOOOONNNNN”

“Ooooohhhhh mmmmmaaa mmmhhhyy ggoo ooo ddnessss”

“You are so awesome and you said it is your first fanfic. I can’t imagine your next ones”

“Yup my mind is blown. That’s all I can really say. Wow.”

“So good. Seriously, I check every day to see if you’ve updated”

“Oh my god woman, are you trying to kill us?! So hot! More please ;-)”

“Mind. Blown.”

The support for my fanfiction was so astounding and encouraging that I decided to write a second Rizzoli & Isles fanfiction story ‘Date Night’, this one is a little different to ‘Taste’ and is relatively new, standing currently at 8 chapters (Click here to read ‘Date Night’) The reviews have been lifted straight from the site so have not been written by me so excuse the grammar/spelling errors!

“There’s things in life that baffle me.

Why do people get retarded when grocery shopping, the Jeckyl and Hyde? Why is it with all the advancement in the 2013 century companies can’t make a piece of Bluetooth headphones that work great! And if a sneeze is 1/10th of an orgasm, why are people with colds so miserable?

And finally. Why is it when a story with eight great chapters is lacking in substantial review counts!

I love, love this story it’s perfectly Jane and Maura! Can’t wait for an update. :)”

“Goodness! The antcipation is killing me. Great story. Great writing. Looking forward to more chapters.

Thank you for taking the time to write it out for us all.”

“The characters way of acting and mannerism’s are nicely captured. Please tell me you’re continuing with the story”

“More! I need more! Next please!”

“OMG-I love Maura-all of her but especially the way her brain works-she is the best-Jane doesn’t stand a chance-can’t wait to see their date-you have a great sense of humor and are a great writer-can’t wait for the next chapter”

“This Is Hilarious. I Love It!”


“Damn this is funny! Enjoying the hell out of it!”

“Awesome! Please update soon. Great read.”

“Haha! Please update again soon! This is so funny! More please!”

Thank you so much to the readers who read my stories and even more thanks to those who take the time to leave me feedback – not only does it make my day and often crease me up! It also gives me the confidence to believe in my writing – if it weren’t for all of this I wouldn’t be working on my novel.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart xx

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