2nd chapter ‘Appearances can be Deceiving.’ New Rizzoli & Isles fanfiction

J. D. Roxburgh’s fanfiction site

Click the link above to read the second chapter in my brand new Rizzoli & Isles fanfiction story ‘Appearances can be Deceiving’.

9 thoughts on “2nd chapter ‘Appearances can be Deceiving.’ New Rizzoli & Isles fanfiction”

  1. Hello J.D. Can you give me some help? I am not able to find the way to add to the fanfiction site. I have an account, but do not see any way to add to the site.

    1. Sure thing Joe, click on ur account name in the top right corner then on the left there is ur menu, click on publish and new story, you will have to re-read and accept the guidelines every now and again. Once ur new story is set up use the document manager to upload files for ur chapters and then using manage stories u can add chapters etc.

      Hope this helps, if it doesn’t feel free to drop me a comment/message with ur email address and ill email u some step by step pointers/screenshots

      1. When ur typing a post to WordPress highlight the words u want to turn into a link then in the toolbar above ull see a link symbol this will open up a pop up and allow u to put in the URL etc and turn the words into a link

      2. Depends on what u wanna link each story has its own URL which can be seen under manage stories or when u click on ur username top right it’ll load default account profile there are 2 links there to ur profile on fanfic

      3. ok. Thanks so much. When you start something new it can be a bit daunting, but i have been interested in fan faction for a while. There is always some idea you think of watching your favorite shows that never gets a story or even a mention. This seems a fun way to explore the idea and develop my writing skills and hopefully my audience.

      4. It is I can’t recommend it enough its been a great tool for me not just as a writer but to blow off steam too! Kno how daunting it can be, don’t hesitate to hit me up if u need anything else! Good luck 🙂

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