General Update

I haven’t done one of these in a while so I thought I’d combine progress on my Fanfiction stories and my Kickstarter progress for my novel!

Firstly my Fanfiction is still going really well! I’ve received a lot of support from my amazing readers who really keep me going especially when I wrote ‘Appearances Can Be Deceiving’ which upset a couple of people as it wasn’t’ all happy go lucky like my other Rizzles stories but my faithful readers stuck with me and helped me realise that whilst you can’t please everyone sticking with your own heart will see you right 🙂

The numbers for my fanfiction currently stand at:

Total Views: 263,346

Total Visitors: 68,750

Which is amazing, and most of it has been just in this last month so thank you for supporting my new stories as well as the old! x

You can read my fanfiction here.

There are just 19 days left of my Kickstarter project so prepare yourselves to be inundated with pleas in the last week or so!

I have currently raised £120 of my £99 target which is incredible!

Obviously the more money I can raise, the better quality the ebook will be and who knows if I can raise enough I could even be able to self publish it into a hard copy!

If you would like to donate there please click here

And don’t forget the sneak peek of my novel can be found here

Also if you want to pledge money toward the novel but don’t want to do it via Kickstarter you can do it via PayPal via my button below
Thank you for all the fantastic support xx



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