Fanfiction Update

Now I’m back off my mini holiday for my birthday and as it’s the beginning of a brand new month I figured I’d do a round up of numbers & stories and catch you all up on what’s happening!

It’s the fifth month of the year in which I started writing Fanfiction which has proved to be a really useful tool for my writing and discipline and also tons of fun 🙂

Numbers for April are as follows: 178,556 views of my work and 29,592 visitors which is awesome! My visitor count has dropped but can’t forget that I did take over a week’s hiatus and finished a lot of stories in this month rather than starting something new.

Total numbers currently stand at: over 450, 000 views and over 100,000 visitors – that is phenomenal ! I am so so proud and humbled that so many people have read my work 🙂

There is a Rizzles fanfic competition that has just opened its third round… hint hint 😉 so if you like my work I’d love it if you could take the time to nominate it 🙂

Click this link to see the contest

Nominations are OPEN!.

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