Baby we were a lifetime ago.
Then take me back in time.
Life doesn’t work like that.
I want back what’s mine.
You cannot own a person.
You owned my heart and soul.
I kept no part of you.
I gave myself to you whole.
I loved you while I could.
You shattered my heart.
Nothing ever lasts forever.
It felt like my life fell apart.
I never meant to hurt you.
Did you ever truly care?
How can you even ask that?
If you did we wouldn’t be where we are.
I cared more than you know.
Then why did you leave us?
There was no us left to leave.
We had so much love and trust.
By the end there was nothing left.
For you but what about me?
It’s always been about you.
Then why does this have to be?
Because I can’t do this anymore.
That’s just another line from you.
You can believe what you want.
That’s not what I want to do.
I have nothing left to give.
Then you’d better walk away again.
I need you to understand why.
I can’t feel anything but this pain.
Then there’s nothing left to say.
I can’t bring myself to say goodbye.
Nothing will change if you don’t.
It will sit with me like a lie.
I’m not coming back it is over.
I still can’t face that word.
I will walk away in silence.
Tears make my vision blurred.
I have to turn my back to you.
The words in my mouth get stuck.
My steps falter as I feel her eyes.
She’s turning I can’t believe my luck.
I force myself to keep on walking.
I want to scream, shout and cry.
My heart breaks more with every step.
I just want to curl up somewhere and die.
She’ll never know why I can’t love her.
I’ll never truly understand why.
I know she’s the love of my life.
How could this all have been a lie?
It may mean I live a life alone.
It’s the greatest love I’ve ever known.
My sacrifice saves the one I love.
A love so great one must write of.
I would do anything to keep her safe.
I turn away with nothing left but faith.
When I finally turn long after I left.
I leave our life alone and bereft.
She has gone and my tears escape.
Nothing in my heart but a large gape.
I wonder if I will see her again maybe.
It suddenly occurs that she called me baby.
If she will smile at me or glare.
I run back but she is nowhere.
I leave this world which I have loved.
I will spend eternity looking for my beloved.
I love you baby with all my heart.
No one can forever keep us apart.

not the greatest poem just something I needed to write tonight to me it’s two poems in one something I wanted to try, I think they still work separately too

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