Fanfiction June News

So those of you who follow my blog should know that I am addicted to checking my numbers! This month has been no different!

For May my totals were 101,824 views and 22,047 visitors.

It still baffles and astounds me that so many people read my work it truly is the best thing in the world.

So my total numbers for this year (my first year writing fanfiction) stand at 556,771 views and 123,880 visitors!

That is madness!

I have also been nominated for the Rizzles Fanfic Awards which is amazing! So much so that I had to cut some nominations out because I was nominated for too much (!)

This has been a crazy wonderful year for me and my writing and it isn’t over yet!!

Speaking of the Rizzles Fanfic Awards the voting is open and I would be incredibly grateful if you could vote for my fanfiction? Click the link below to see the Awards page.

Rizzles Fanfic Awards

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