Do you like Theatre?

I say you there! Yes you! Do you like theatre?

Do you like FREE theatre?

Excellent!! Come down to Victoria Embankment Gardens in London from tomorrow until 28th June (Tues to Fri’s only) and come see some fantastic FREE Shakespeare in the park!

We are Strange Brooch Theatre company: A young company of players endeavouring to showcase the true irreverence and spontaneity of classical theatre. Using original practices to refresh and revitalise histories’ greatest stories for a new audience.

This is our website!

Our debut production ‘ We Happy Few’ (based on Shakespeare’s HENRY V) opens tomorrow evening!

Ancient Pistol sits in the Boar’s Head Tavern merrily weaving a tale of when he and his fellows fought on the vasty fields of France and stood shoulder to shoulder with their king.
This reworking of Shakespeare’s grand epic follows the journey of the peasant soldiers of England called to war by royal command; called from their homes & families and thrown into fearsome battles in a foreign land.
Strange Brooch Theatre is proud to present their energetic and irreverent debut production with a five person cast, original text and a few puppets, this should be an Agincourt like you’ve never seen.
“Minding true things by what their mockeries be…”
Henry V, Act IV Prologue

Here we are in Time Out

photo (13)we need your bums on these seats!!

Did I mention it was FREE?!

Here’s more detail on the event on Facebook

photo (14)yeah. we’re cool! come see us!!

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