For My Dad x

This is poem for Father's Day
For my Daddy who I think is top.
He may not always know what to say
(Especially when I cry so much I can't stop)

He may not always know who I am when I ring
He may moan at how long I take in the shower
But he's pretty good at fixing almost anything
I think he has some kind of superpower.

He has a lot of different favourite snacks
Peanuts, chocolate, scotch and coffee
Sometimes he falls off ladders or hurts his back
He does a lot of things that are very silly.

He likes some very cool films and shows
I like it when I introduce him to a new cool one.
He's always been there through the highs and lows.
It's said that fathers always want a son

I'm not a boy but I don't think he cares
I think we have a lot of fun together
Although I am a cause for some of his grey hairs
I think we go like birds of a feather;

We're both sarcastic, we laugh til we cry
We keep our emotions close to the surface
We don't always see exactly eye to eye
He's not a bank or taxi service

He's my daddy and I love him more than I can say
So here's hoping that he has a wonderful Father's Day!

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