Nothing is ever easy.

There is nothing I would like more than simple solutions to problems. Instead I have endless piles of paper consisting of lists of pros and cons and lists of prices of bills! Which way do I go? Which route do I choose? Which will be the worst if it explodes in my face (as things have a habit of doing) ? I honestly am stumped with my current predicament and I cannot even turn to my writing to ease my mind as my PC still refuses to cooperate and so is being cared for elsewhere.

In other news the world of media and entertainment managed to stump me even further as I resorted to watching Movie 43. For those who have not seen it: don’t. I urge you with every fibre of my being to trust me on that. If you have seen it: why did no one warn me? It is inane dribble and if anyone finds it highly amusing I question your sanity.

I despair; when did it become ok to write sketch shots of “comedy” (imagine me using the air quotes of you will) and simply throw celebrities at it in an attempt to make a decent film. Fair play to the actors who held their hands up for some ridicule and silliness but this should not have been a cinema release, it should not be classed as a film. It has the feel of a bunch of teenage friends making Vines that only they find amusing. I finished the film only on disbelief that this could be made. As a writer and one who has studied writing screenplays and know the struggles to even get your work on somebody’s desk, let alone read I despair. If all it takes is some sketchy humour and celebrities to make a successful film then count me out and disillusioned with the film industry…

Now to watch something to restore my faith even just a little…

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