Both polls now closed

Thanks to anyone (focusing on the one) who helped me by voting in my two polls, not quite the response I was after to show impressive figures in my market research.

…but me being me forgot to mention it anyway…

*place hand forcefully on forehead*

Yes, I am that dumb.  But then, it’s a common occurrence in job interviews…at least for me, to forget who you are and why you are there in the first place. On the plus side if it had been an audition for a retarded person or person with Alzheimer’s then I’d have the part straight away!!

Apologies to anyone who doesn’t like my un-pcness I’m not trying to be offensive or rude (it comes naturally when berating myself)

truth is I honestly don’t have a clue how it went, it could have gone well for all I know but it makes me smile looking on the internet for the proper etiquette for how to act/respond after/in interviews I feel reassured that no one seems to know about what to actually do! Unless you’re already CEO or equivalent career counsellors or something then we’re all in this clueless pool of hopelessness, swimming around hoping that someone likes us enough to give us a shot at a job we really want, because let’s face it, any job you really want, you’re gonna stuff up the interview, and if you don’t want the job? Guaranteed to succeed haha!


this is the point when I get today’s job until they see this and then I’ve shot myself in the foot…again…perhaps I shouldn’t click publish…but what the hell.


live dangerously 🙂

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