Guess who’s back….

Back again…

J. D’s back tell a friend 🙂

Hello dear faithful readers (and possibly some new ones) I am forever grateful to be able to reach people with my work and I’m still getting emails galore about people reading my work and it never ceases to amaze me how generous you all are, despite my lack of updates people are still supporting my work and even if you don’t realise you are, you are.

2016 has been a shitter hasn’t it?! Well I myself have had a horrid 2016 which is why you haven’t seen much of me and I can only apologise for that right now but I bring good news;

I have a new home, a new desk and coming back from a much needed holiday in the sun I can safely say I have a creative spark again which is something I haven’t felt for I don’t know how long…well too long!

Anyway, all this means my dear friends is that writing is underway and I am hoping to provide updates very soon to those stories and readers I left in the lurch and once those are done start work on some prompts I was given – I will be contacting those who gave me a prompt so don’t worry if you don’t want it any more or have given it to some other lucky author you will have chance to tell me 🙂

Anyway thank you again for the support and watch this space I will be back very soon with updates 🙂

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