Finale – ‘Target’ a Rizzoli and Isles fanfiction story.

The final chapter is upon us.

Thank you for those who stuck with me through this.  I am ashamed to say I can’t find the original tweet that was the prompt for this but I think it went along the lines of Jane as a secret agent or fed and Maura being married…I’m so so sorry I can’t credit the Twitter follower who came up with this but PLEASE if it was you please shout and I will credit you on and on here and you can feel free to punish me not only have I not been able to credit you sufficiently I have also taken FOREVER to finish this damn piece.

Speaking of which this finale wasn’t quite what I envisaged but I feel it’s the best I have in me right now, to say it’s been a struggle would be an understatement and I really can’t stress just how much you mean to be for sticking around, leaving reviews, reblogging, reposting, retweeting etc etc it really does mean the absolute world to me.

I am going to do my best to stick with this writing flow I seem to be in and will be posting some new material soon so keep your eyes peeled…I am planning a few one shots I can really hone rather than anything epic again that has the chance of being lost/left.

Those waiting for me to finish my OiTNB fanfiction that will be next on my to do list don’t worry 🙂

Once again, thank you from the bottom of my heart and I hope this is a vaguely satisfying ending I know I’m not 100% happy but I currently can’t get it better than this.

‘Target’ a Rizzoli and Isles fanfiction story by J. D. Roxburgh.

Lack of updates

I’m really sorry to those still waiting on me. I’m having an utter crisis in the self belief department, so unhappy with my latest writing and I feel so lost I don’t know how to get it back.  I’d rather wait and try and give you someone half decent than the stuff iv rolled out recently. To those still there, I’m really sorry.

Competition deadline (with a date this time!)

Would help if the deadline had a date wouldn’t it?! 😂

You have until 10pm (GMT +1) Wednesday 24th June 2015, and I will announce the winner that night hump day shall henceforth be known as winner Wednesday!

Remember all you have to do is post your best animal gifs to me using the hashtag jdroxburgh or attach it to a reblog or retweet, do it as many times as you want!

Go nuts 🙂

If you like my Rizzles fanfiction

Check out this contest Rizzles Fan Awards

I’ve been nominated before and would love to be again so what are you waiting for?! 😛

It’s a great place to discover new Rizzles fanfiction too as well as supporting your favourite authors.

It’s a new dawn…..

I’d definitely be up for that! Need to get going again, got a story on the go from a twitter follower so more motivation would be a welcomed surprise 🙂 distract me from watching my book sales 🙂


Howdy folks of Rizzles land!

Firstly, happy new year to you all! I hope you’ve had a wonderful 2015 so far.

Well, unfortunately, RL continues to beat me about with a broom but I’ve decided not to let that get in the way of our wonderful fic writers getting some much deserved recognition and possibly some adoration from tens of people by presenting to them another Rizzles Fan Award. So, I’ve been poking about here with the feather duster and found a fiver down the back of the couch, so that’s good…. but we’re also about ready to crack on with some fic awards…

I’m sticking out some feelers to see if there is any interest in running another round of awards? I know a lot has happened in the fandom and some disillusionment so, if you’re interested in more awards…. HOLLA!!!!

Also, hit me up on twitter, @RizzlesFanfic to let…

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