‘Feral’ now available for purchase!

It is with great pride that I can now announce that ‘Feral’ my début novel is available for purchase!

Currently there are two places to purchase the novel – via www.jdroxburghstore.com and also http://my.bookbaby.com/book/feral.

There will be many more retailers launching the novel in coming weeks and I will keep you posted as these become available 🙂


It’s coming!


Writing is like sex.  First you do it for love, then you do it for your friends, and then you do it for money.

Virginia Woolf

Novel is back underway and looking good (even if I do say so myself)

When life gets in the way…

Finding work.
Loved ones.

All can be wonderful experiences. Some can not turn out the way you had hoped. All are life changing. All take time.

In the last month or two all of the above have happened in my life (not my baby) but still love him just as much 🙂 and so that’s why I haven’t had a second to sit down and write, which is what clears my mind and puts everything into perspective…

And would help complete that novel that needs to be done sooner than I thought… :-S

To my readers; apologies, but life has a habit of doing this, I wouldn’t change it for the world coz it’s been a magical start to the new year but wow, hectic!!

Be back soon, I swear and it’ll be worth it!!

Opinions Wanted No.2

Sincerest thanks to my backers

Now that I have calmed down and stopped posting gifs of people who are excited I would like to take a few moments out of screaming and dancing around my little flat to thank those who pledged money toward my novel.

Writing has always been a dream of mine but something I put on the back burner as I finished my MA and began acting in London.  Without my fans and readers I wouldn’t have had the courage to even think of starting a novel, so to now have backers who have given their hard earned money to help me fund my very first novel and realise my dream is just amazing.

I have been given £168 to publish my novel as an ebook and I cannot express my gratitude enough, it truly is phenomenal that people believe in me and I make a solemn oath that I will not let you wonderful people down 🙂

Keep your eyes peeled for another sneak peek soon 🙂

Thank You xx

If you would like to pledge money toward my novel and future works you can do so safely by clicking the PayPal button below.