Honeymoon Period

So I wrote a one shot for a tumblr contest by rizzlesfanficchallenge way back when for week 9 theme: Mistakes.  It won, and people wanted more so this is my fluffy slightly angsty Valentine’s gift to you all 🙂

Honeymoon Period by J. D. Roxburgh

Equal marriage :)

It doesn’t matter who you are
It doesn’t matter where
Every person is a shining star
A star looking for its pair

Gender doesn’t count
Religion, creed nor age
Come thou love fount
And tame others rage

Love doesn’t judge
So why should you
Let go of your grudge
Age old prejudice too

Let us all love free and pure
Give our vows to anyone
We can love true and sure
Let us each find our one.

Xxx #equalmarriage