‘Don’t Drop the Soap’ Orange is the New Black fanfiction story – now complete

So, in my efforts to finish everything I left before my unexpected hiatus I have gone back and completed my first foray into Litchfield.

This isn’t what I had originally planned for the story but I can’t full remember what I wanted and can’t find the original notes so I just started writing tonight and this is where it went.

Feedback would be most appreciated, as always, but especially as this is a new pairing for me.

Hope you enjoy – it is rated M for mature themes, swearing and also hints of forced consent but nothing too major. (NSFW)

Don’t Drop the Soap by J. D. Roxburgh.

‘Don’t drop the soap’ an Orange is the New Black fanfiction story – New chapter now up!

Received some good feedback from the teaser chapter so I decided to go ahead!

Read the first proper chapter here – Don’t drop the soap by J. D. Roxburgh.

A foray into the world of Orange…

Find my first teaser chapter for my Orange is the new black fanfiction story online now.

This is a teaser to find out if anyone has any feedback or whether people want me to continue, as you may know I’m in the midst of a Rizzles fanfiction story so just judging whether my OITNB venture is worth it 🙂

Read the first teaser chapter here – Don’t drop the soap by J. D. Roxburgh.

Who wants to see some Oitnb from me?

I’m thinking to celebrate season 3 I might try my hand at some short Orange is the new black smut…that is if anyone is interested?

Probably Piper and Alex to start off with as I think I have a pretty good handle on their speech patterns and behaviour.

I know I still have my Rizzles story Target to finish and I will complete it soon but I’m thinking that a little practise in the smut department might help spice things up for Jane and Maura too!