For My Dad x

This is poem for Father's Day
For my Daddy who I think is top.
He may not always know what to say
(Especially when I cry so much I can't stop)

He may not always know who I am when I ring
He may moan at how long I take in the shower
But he's pretty good at fixing almost anything
I think he has some kind of superpower.

He has a lot of different favourite snacks
Peanuts, chocolate, scotch and coffee
Sometimes he falls off ladders or hurts his back
He does a lot of things that are very silly.

He likes some very cool films and shows
I like it when I introduce him to a new cool one.
He's always been there through the highs and lows.
It's said that fathers always want a son

I'm not a boy but I don't think he cares
I think we have a lot of fun together
Although I am a cause for some of his grey hairs
I think we go like birds of a feather;

We're both sarcastic, we laugh til we cry
We keep our emotions close to the surface
We don't always see exactly eye to eye
He's not a bank or taxi service

He's my daddy and I love him more than I can say
So here's hoping that he has a wonderful Father's Day!

For ‘Donkey’ ;P

I promised to write you a poem
It’s taken me long enough!
I miss you calling me Fiona
That used to make me laugh.
You don’t like scary things
But that’s what I do.
I don’t like musical films
Apparently you do.
You like Harry Potter
I like Lord of the Rings.
We both like drinking
We don’t argue about everything
You always call me a tease
And I like winding you up
You’re not feeling great
So I’m trying to cheer you up
You read my silly stories
And give me great reviews
One thing we agree on is
Red lipstick and boobs!



Baby we were a lifetime ago.
Then take me back in time.
Life doesn’t work like that.
I want back what’s mine.
You cannot own a person.
You owned my heart and soul.
I kept no part of you.
I gave myself to you whole.
I loved you while I could.
You shattered my heart.
Nothing ever lasts forever.
It felt like my life fell apart.
I never meant to hurt you.
Did you ever truly care?
How can you even ask that?
If you did we wouldn’t be where we are.
I cared more than you know.
Then why did you leave us?
There was no us left to leave.
We had so much love and trust.
By the end there was nothing left.
For you but what about me?
It’s always been about you.
Then why does this have to be?
Because I can’t do this anymore.
That’s just another line from you.
You can believe what you want.
That’s not what I want to do.
I have nothing left to give.
Then you’d better walk away again.
I need you to understand why.
I can’t feel anything but this pain.
Then there’s nothing left to say.
I can’t bring myself to say goodbye.
Nothing will change if you don’t.
It will sit with me like a lie.
I’m not coming back it is over.
I still can’t face that word.
I will walk away in silence.
Tears make my vision blurred.
I have to turn my back to you.
The words in my mouth get stuck.
My steps falter as I feel her eyes.
She’s turning I can’t believe my luck.
I force myself to keep on walking.
I want to scream, shout and cry.
My heart breaks more with every step.
I just want to curl up somewhere and die.
She’ll never know why I can’t love her.
I’ll never truly understand why.
I know she’s the love of my life.
How could this all have been a lie?
It may mean I live a life alone.
It’s the greatest love I’ve ever known.
My sacrifice saves the one I love.
A love so great one must write of.
I would do anything to keep her safe.
I turn away with nothing left but faith.
When I finally turn long after I left.
I leave our life alone and bereft.
She has gone and my tears escape.
Nothing in my heart but a large gape.
I wonder if I will see her again maybe.
It suddenly occurs that she called me baby.
If she will smile at me or glare.
I run back but she is nowhere.
I leave this world which I have loved.
I will spend eternity looking for my beloved.
I love you baby with all my heart.
No one can forever keep us apart.

not the greatest poem just something I needed to write tonight to me it’s two poems in one something I wanted to try, I think they still work separately too

Nights like these

Nights like these
Mind racing
Heart screaming
Tears falling
You come back
Reminding me
Repeating it all
I can’t do this
But I love you
I always will
And what now?
No emotion left
To even hate
Do you remember
Nights like these
Heart racing
You screaming
Us falling

You and her

She finds it hard to focus
Whenever you’re around
Like some funky hocus pocus
That takes over her mind
You drown out all the sound
Like she’s underwater
The sight of you makes her heart pound
It’s exciting and nerve wracking
She smiles at you from ear to ear
Her dimples wink at you
Yours is the only voice she longs to hear
The only one she wants to see
She wakes with thoughts of you
As sleep claims her you are beside her
Anything you asked she would do
Any wish she would give
If only she had such power
Happily ever after she would live
If only you could see her


I can feel it surround me
Thick, dark and clawing
It seeps into every orifice
I feel it crawl inside my eyes
Seeps down my throat
It burns as I inhale it
It clogs up my insides
It grips around my heart
I feel myself turning
It’s becoming part of me
As I breathe so does it
I despise it but need it
It has become my sustenance
I do not have the strength
To break free of its hold
I cry but it silences me
I will never escape