J. D. Roxburgh’s fanfiction site

Fanfiction was a new concept introduced to me at the beginning of the year by a good friend who suggested that, rather than screaming at the tv, perhaps taking the characters I loved and writing my own story about them would be more conducive.

The story I started was ‘Taste’ a Rizzoli & Isles fanfiction, it started as a private story for my friend and I to laugh about the lesbian subtext of the show. She loved it and pleaded with me to put it online, I did so, reluctantly I may add, and to my surprise I was hitting over 1000 views a day.

I was asked to continue the story by many readers, which I did so, delighted that people were enjoying my work. It was supposed to end at chapter 9…it current stands at chapter 60 and I am proud to say I still get over 5000 views every day.

Fanfiction has been a new discovery this year and has allowed me to develop my writing style and has been a great exercise in character. Allowing my work to be seen and reviewed by the public has been the scariest and yet most rewarding thing I have ever done. Without fanfiction I doubt I would have had the confidence to truly start work on my novel.

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